The Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (MSE). The MSE “Embryology Training” offers education from infertility experts covering the basic first interventions to advanced assisted reproductive procedures and technologies.
As a part of the course, every candidate has to fulfill a mandatory 4 month training at MSE recognised center. IAEHC is a premier partner with Gunasheela IVF Center, Bengaluru as the accredited ART center for training.
During the 4 month in-house training, candidates will complete 30 IVF procedure observer-ship and work closely with experienced pratitioners in the field. Select candidates fulfilling the course certification requirements will undergo a ‘hands-on’ training – practical exam before the final certificate of satisfactory completion of the training is awarded.
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DURATION: 4 months
COURSE COMMENCES: As per MSE Recruitment
NO OF SEATS : As per MSE allocation
COURSE FEE: To be fixed by the MSE
LEARNING OBJECTIVES : End-to-end management of activities in Calibrations of all incubators & Instruments Quality control maintenance. Trouble Shooting. Lab Maintenance. Media equilibration in aseptic conditions & Dish preparation. Record Keeping. Semen preparation technique 3 each- swim-up and density gradient. (On discarded samples.) Minimum 3 OPU procedures to be assisted and observed. Minimum 3 ICSI procedures to observe and assisted Loading of Embryos in ET catheters. (On discarded embryos minimum 3)-. Assist in dish preparation and other aspects of embryo transfer. How to handle oocytes. (on unfertilized, discarded oocytes- minimum 3 oocytes). Semen Freezing & Thawing. Cryopreservation by vitrification –Embryo & oocyte freezing (15 each). Semen freezing by vapour method. (3 samples)
CERTIFICATION : Examination at the end of the course programme, conducted by IAEHC